Deciding on a New Roof: Ask These Questions

roofer builder worker with pulverizer spraying paint on metal sheet roofWhether you’re preparing for a new house construction or simply re-roofing after a hurricane has ravaged your area, you need to be careful of your choices. You won’t run out of roofing options, but not all of them could be considered for your area.

Unless you’re a roofing expert, you need help in choosing a roof. Here are some tips from contractors in Houston:

Are You in a Flood-prone Area?

Any roofing contractor knows that the amount of rainfall in your area plays a part in determining the type of roofing suitable for you. There are roofing systems that work better for areas that are generally wet. For instance, green roofing can help absorb storm water and send it back to the atmosphere.

Green roofing may not work if you choose the wrong plants, however, so it’s best to decide on this with the help of your contractor.

What’s the Average Temperature

One of the roles of the roof is to protect you from extreme temperatures. This means shielding you from direct sunlight. With the wrong material, however, your roof may be contributing to warmer indoor temperatures. When considering cool roofing systems, ask your contractor about the materials and colors that are suitable for your area. Though the difference could be a half degree or two, it will still affect your energy bills if you need to adjust your heating and cooling system.

Which System Has Worked or Failed in the Past?

If your old roofing system failed to stand up against a hurricane, you might not want the same system in place. If there’s a system you like and have worked for others in the same area, you could consider that for your own house. Knowing what worked and didn’t work in the past helps you decide wisely.

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Choosing a roof is not just about picking the one that is least costly. You need to consider your location and needs.