Cosmetic Dentistry: What You Should Know About Inlays and Onlays

A man at a dentist check upInlays and onlays are the more conservative alternatives for full coverage dental crowns used by selected dentists. Also referred to as indirect fillings, they offer a well-fitting, longer lasting solution to tooth decay and damage.

Once you visit your cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, AZ, they will assess your teeth to determine whether you need an inlay or an onlay. If the dentist will bond the materials at the center of your tooth only, then that is an inlay. If it is the outer tooth, then that is an onlay. Why should you go for this conservative approach?

1. Superior Fit

The two methods provide ground for preparation which helps in the preservation of your healthy tooth as much as possible. If all you have is minimal to moderate tooth decay that has extended into the flossing area, then these cosmetic procedures are a great choice for you. It saves you the trouble of crowns as it is an easier and less expensive.

2. Tight Space Fillings

If there is a cavity in between your teeth, then it is worth considering an inlay as opposed to a direct composite filling. This is because inlays are better in keeping away bacteria, as they completely seal the tooth opening. In addition, they do not stain, they are easy to clean, and they last exceptionally long.

3. Protection for Weak Teeth

Once a tooth starts decaying, it gets damaged, hence affecting its general structure. The cosmetic procedures help in the preservation of the remaining healthy part of the tooth while helping in the restoration of the damaged area. An onlay helps in protecting the weak points of your tooth without the need for complete reshaping.

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If you are not sure of whether you need a dental inlay or onlay, it is advisable that contact a cosmetic dentist who offers these services. Here, you will understand what the procedure is like, how much it will cost and how to care for your teeth thereafter.