Considering Hospice Care: Don’t Wait Too Long

a woman with end-of-life illnessWhen you have a loved one who is nearing the end of life, it is likely that each family member has a different idea of how to handle the situation. It is common for most to wait too long about learning the best possible options for care (like hospice care), as well as solutions that can increase the patient’s quality of life toward the end of it.

Lost opportunity to receive meaningful care

Waiting too long, however, could indicate spending a lot of months in and out of the hospital or the emergency room. Hospice homes in Indiana note that this then results in lost time and opportunity to receive a more meaningful type of care or something that the patient would have wanted. Hospice homes and centers provide valuable and passionate end-of-life care for your loved one.

High-quality care near the end of life

Hospice care provides a compassionate type of care services for people with terminal illness. This includes pain management, expert medical and nursing care, as well as spiritual and emotional support. An interdisciplinary team of professionals and trained volunteers provide the care services, with the wishes of the patient and family members being at the center of it all.

Leaving the decision until the very end

The sad part is many people wait too long to consider this type of care. Some of those who utilize the care service, on the other hand, often do too late. According to a study from the American Geriatrics Society, the median duration of admission or time spent in hospice was 12.5 days. It is often challenging to get the full the benefit when patients are referred to this type of care in the last days of their life.

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When a loved one is dealing with a terminal illness with no cure possible, it is better not to make hospitalization or emergency room visit your first choice for care. Keep in mind that this can be stressful and distressing not just for patients also for other family members. It is best to consider hospice care, the main goal of which is to offer comfort and support for patients and their loved ones.