Compounding Medications: What You Need to Know About Custom Prescriptions

A pharmacist sorting out medicinesCompounded medications are tailor-made to fit certain needs of a patient. Compounding involves following a physician’s exact instructions to get the desired medication strength, dosage, taste, or even delivery method, explains Boerne Drug Company, a Texas-based compounding pharmacy. These drugs are not commercially available and require a physician’s prescription.

Patients of all ages can safely take these custom-fit medications. In fact, compounded drugs are useful for newborns, children, and elderly patients. Customized medications can also help your pets take their medicine.

Creating the Right Drug Formula

Drug compounding allows pharmacists to recreate different drug formulae. This gives patients access to discontinued but effective drugs. Compounding can also be used to recreate medications still unavailable in some areas.

Pharmacists and technicians manipulate a drug’s potency by mixing, concentrating, or diluting the compound ingredients. Custom strength or dosage is particularly useful for pain management or skin treatments. A customized drug formula also helps patients who are allergic to certain ingredients, such as dyes.

Trained pharmacists can add flavoring to medications. This makes the medicine easier to swallow without compromising its effectiveness. Compounding can also alter the drug’s dosage form. In fact, you may get tablet or capsule medications compounded in liquid form to help you take it easier. Some can even be compounded as a topical cream or gel if you’re having problems taking it orally.

Dealing with Possible Difficulties

If your physician prescribes a compounded medication, make sure to ask for a recommendation for a reliable compounding pharmacy. After all, local retail pharmacies rarely compound medications.

Another hurdle you might have to overcome is that different health plans have different sets of rules. While most insurers reimburse custom-made drugs, you still need to submit the required paperwork. A compounding pharmacy can help you with this. It can give you the necessary documents and guidance on how to prove the necessity of your prescription.

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You may face some difficulties in getting your compound prescriptions. It can be solved by doing your due diligence and with some preparation, however. A trusted compounding pharmacy can guide you through the ins and outs of compound prescriptions — from filling your medications to helping you get reimbursed.