Braces Alternatives: 3 Ways to Fix Crooked Teeth Minus the Awkwardness

Woman having a dental check-upOrthodontic braces could be daunting, regardless if you’re a teenager who just hit puberty, or an adult facing bigger responsibilities. But it’s not all about physical appearances; there are pain and discomfort that goes along with having braces, which often interfere with eating or other daily activities.

If you’re considering having braces because of your crooked teeth, know that braces are not your only treatment option. You can actually take advantage of other procedures from your Canton orthodontist, especially if your case is not as severe.

Here are three of these alternative treatment options:


As its name suggests, Invisalign aligners are a type of teeth aligners that are not obvious. Just like metal braces, they shift teeth slowly based on the treatment plan designed by your dentist. They make Invisalign aligners from a special type of plastic that is clear and durable.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are technically still braces, but inconspicuous ones. Dentists attach lingual braces to the back of the teeth, and its placement is what makes it preferred by celebrities and those who don’t want to wear traditional braces.

Treatment lasts between 18 to 16 months, depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth.


Veneers are a type of thin dental film bonded to the surface of the teeth. They make them from either porcelain or composite (resin) bonding and are often popular among those who’d like to have the appearance of straighter teeth without the downtime.

The procedure, however, involves shaving the surface of the teeth to accommodate the veneers.

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Some orthodontists can fix your crooked teeth. Schedule an appointment with your local cosmetic dentist when you get the chance, as there’s no better time to get a smile makeover than now.