Backpacking through Europe: Choosing a Decent Hostel

Hostels Decent hostels are always difficult to find because most just choose to stay there for
the people and not for the physical place. Most backpackers have experienced staying in crappy hostels just because of the fun people there.

Even though hostelling prioritises people more than the place, it is always better to find decent central London hostels like LHA London that understand the needs of a backpacker. These kinds of hostels do not only offer a more comfortable stay, but they will improve the experience. When trying to select a decent hostel, below are some considerations:

Cheaper is Not Always Better

Backpackers usually travel on a budget, which is why they naturally choose the cheapest accommodations. However, they would most likely end up with uncomfortable and unclean beds, thin pillows and dirty showers. Pay an additional pound or two for cleaner and nicer digs, and your body will be more than grateful.

Do Not Miss Breakfast

When hostelling in Europe, they only serve coffee, eggs and toast. These hostels start serving breakfast at 7 AM and end it early, too. This is a problem for backpackers since most would never get up early. Search for a hostel that offers a generous breakfast instead of just the usual toast. Otherwise, just choose one that serves their breakfast later.

Getting breakfast will load up your belly, which will help cut down your food budget for the rest of the day. The first meal also ensures that you still eat healthy while travelling instead of just relying on snacks.

Check Out Late

Do not choose a hostel that has a check out time before 10 AM. Book ones that you can check out at around 11 AM or later. Sleep is critical when you are always on the road, as you hardly get enough of it. Hostels that have later check out times know this and they usually have a more relaxed environment. Moreover, make sure that the hostel you booked allows you to check in after 2 PM for some will cancel your reservation if you arrive later in the day.

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You backpack through Europe to see its wonders and not to sleep in hostels, but remember that you also have to take care of yourself, too. Choose a decent hostel to make the most of your travel experience.