A Painful Condition Called the Frozen Shoulder

His Frozen and Aching ShoulderA frozen shoulder is a common condition, but it’s not yet truly understood. This happens when the shoulder painfully seizes up without warning. There are instances when it comes with other diseases like diabetes, occurs after a trauma, or happens after prolonged periods of immobilization.

Apollo Health acknowledges that it’s hard to diagnose this condition accurately and treat it effectively. It’s not one of those conditions that heal with time. In fact, there have been cases when it disappears without an explanation.

Primary and Secondary

Frozen shoulder is categorized as either primary or secondary. Primary frozen shoulder occurs suddenly, without any prior indication or without any connection with any other condition. A secondary frozen shoulder, on the other hand, is when it occurs as a result of an injury, as a side effect of a surgery that may not be related to the shoulder, or with diabetes.

Aside from the possible connection with other diseases and conditions, both primary and secondary frozen shoulder have the same symptoms. Both may involve the same mechanisms, but a secondary frozen shoulder seems to have obvious causes.

Frozen shoulder may also be the precursor or a side effect of some other bigger problem, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, or a metabolic syndrome related to problems with managing fat and sugar or a low-grade inflammation.

The Symptoms

A frozen shoulder is characterized by the pain and stiffness of the shoulder joint, making it hard or impossible to move. The shoulder itself may feel dull or be painful and may include the shoulder muscles and upper arm. The pain may be worse at night, making it hard to sleep. It forces limited movement of the shoulder and can last from six to nine months, although there are studies showing that it can last longer than four years, with a majority of those having mild pain.

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Frozen shoulder is a painful condition, which causes limited movement of the shoulder. It can manifest itself without any warning and can disappear just as suddenly. It is hard to properly diagnose and can also be hard to cure.