Grip Reductions

All our grip reductions include:

  • Custom Fit Analysis based on your own personal grip characteristics such as whether you are a right or left handed, hand size, finger length, etc. to ensure the most effective and comfortable grip for you. We understand there is no such thing as “one size fits all”.
  • Reshaping of grip. Standard grip reductions can include modifications such as removal of finger grips, slimming of grip or reducing ‘bulges’ in grip.
  • Addition of permanent texturing to grip and other key contact points such as trigger guard area and thumb positioning areas.

The price for a standard grip reduction is $125* See below for the various options we offer such as magwells, beavertails, palm swells & duracoating.


All of our grip reductions include texturing. We offer 4 standard types of texturing, but can customize to use different levels of texturing. The parts we texture typically includes the front strap, back strap, grip sides, trigger guard as well as contact points for fingers or thumb forward of the trigger guard. (Note: Some images show optional features)

Product Description & Options

Grip Reduction with Competition Texture

The most aggressive texture designed to give the competitive shooter the extra edge while shooting.  Coarse “sand like” grip material provides the best possible grip under all shooting conditions.

Grip Reduction with Tactical Texture

The tactical texture is similar to our competition texture with a slightly less aggressive texture. It also has a more matte black finish more suited to tactical use. This is suited for competition, military or law enforcement use.

Grip Reduction with Rough Carry Texture

The lighter, smoother ‘pebbled’ carry texture provides increased grip control while still allowing for comfortable carry.

Grip Reduction with Smooth Carry Texture

More subtle texture to provide increased grip control with just a minimum of 'pebbling' over the standard grip. Popular with female shooters and for concealed carry use since it provide the least possible risk of irritation against skin or damage to clothing.

Grip Reduction with Rubber Texture

Rubber texture to improve grip traction with absolutely no abrasiveness.  Rubber texturing also retains best grip traction in wet conditions (heavy sweating, rain, etc.)

Grip Reduction with Hybrid Texture

Design your own custom hybrid texture. We can use a combination of different textures to suit your needs. Hybrid is a popular option for concealed carry using a more aggressive texture on the front and back of the grip, but a smoother carry texture on the sides of the grip for increased comfort.
Stock Pistol Grip Texture

If you do not want a full grip reduction, but still want the added benefits of texturing, you can add any of our textures to your stock pistol grip with no other modifications.

Included with any Grip Reduction. $50 without Grip Reduction.*

Rifle, Shotgun & Knife Texturing Ask for details. We can texture just about any surface to fit your needs.


Extended Magwells

Our custom built extended magwells provide many benefits.

  • All surfaces are smoothed to ensure no catch points or sharp angles as with many standard factory grips.
  • Our magwells are permanently embedded into the structure of the grip to provide maximum reliability unlike temporary screw-on magwells.
  • Magwells provide a larger, more forgiving ‘target area’ for your magazine during reloads. This not only allows for faster reloads, but also more accurate reloads in high stress situations.
  • Magwells help to naturally position your hand higher on the grip, resulting in a more stable and secure grip.
  • Can be custom designed based on your personal needs, comfort and expectations.

Extended magwells are only available when purchased along with a grip reduction to ensure the magwell is blended perfectly into the structure of the grip and ensure maximum stability. Magwells can be added to a grip reduction for $50*

Competition Magwell

Large magwell funnel provides for quickest tactical reloads. Can be designed to meet IPDA standards or can be made larger for IPSC or other shooting venues.


Tactical Magwell

Slightly smaller magwell then our competition one. Popular for law enforcement or military use.


Carry Magwell

Provides the benefit of a more subtle magwell funnel at the front and rear of the grip without additional width on the sides that can make concealed carry more difficult.



Beaver Tails

Our Beaver Tails provide many benefits.

  • Help ensure a good, solid, high grip on the gun for better control. A more solid grip helps prevent the need for 'readjusting' your grip while shooting so you always keep your optimal grip.
  • Prevent "slide bite" by forcing your hand to always stay below the slide as it cycles.
  • Better recoil control by maximizing surface area contact.
  • Our Beaver Tails are permanently embedded into the structure of the grip to provide maximum reliability.
  • Beaver Tails can be as subtle or extreme as you‘d like. We offer 3 sizes that can be customized to your requirements. The most extreme is the Competition Beaver Tail, which can be 3/4 inch or larger. The next smaller size is the Tactical Beaver Tail. The smallest is the Carry / Duty Beaver Tail, which is best suited for concealed carry or use with a duty rig.

When purchased with one of our grip reductions, beaver tails are just $25. They can also be added to your stock grip for $40.*


Gunsmithing Services

We offer a variety of gunsmithing services including competition trigger jobs or other enhancements for rifles or for pistols such as Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&P's or Springfield XD's. Call us to discuss your requirements or for a quote.



We offer custom designed Cerakoting in patterns with one, two or more colors. This is a perfect addition to a grip reduction. Below is just a sample of some of the designs we offer. We'd also be happy to discuss other designs you're interested in. See our Gallery page for more examples.

Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Cerakote Pricing
See Cerakoting Order Form on the Order page for standard pricing or call for pricing information.

+Additional charges may apply for more elaborate designs or specialty color requests.
Call to ask us about options for matching other items such as holsters or knives.


Description & Sample Image

ACU Tactical

Base Color:      ACU Tan
Accent Colors:  ACU Gray/Green & ACU Deep Gray/Green

Texas Underbrush Tactical

Base Color:      Coyote Tan
Accent Colors:  Cadpat Brown & ACU Deep Gray/Green

Deep Jungle Tactical

Base Color:      Cadpat Dark Green
Accent Colors:  Desert Mirage Brown & Black

Dark Urban Tactical

Base Color:      Snow Gray
Accent Colors:  Extreme Gray & Black

Light Urban Tactical

Base Color:      Arctic Gray Base
Accent Colors:  Snow Gray & Black

Desert Tactical

Base Color:      Desert Beige
Accent Colors:  Desert Brown & Magpul Dark Earth

Woodland Tactical

Base Color:      Desert Mirage Brown
Accent Colors:  Cadpat Dark Green & Black

Choose Your Own Tactical Color Pattern

Choose any three colors for our tactical pattern! We can do any Duracoat color (red, blue, pink, etc.).


Woodlands Camo

Digital Camo

Tiger Stripe

Desert Tiger Stripe

Desert Storm Camo

AM Stripe (Vertical Grass) Camo

Urban Camo

Specialty Designs

*All prices effective 4/1/13 and are subject to change without notice.
  NOTE: All prices reflect 5% discount for cash, check or money order.