5 Sports that Cause the Most Injuries

Runner having a knee injuryAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2014 National Health Statistics Reports, the average annual sports-related injuries reach 8.6 million per year. Sixty-five percent of these incidents involved people aged 5-24 years.

Trauma and overuse are cited as the two most common reasons for the occurrence of sports-related injuries. Trauma injuries often need hospitalization, while injuries caused by overuse need a general decrease in muscle use.

Recovery is longer for trauma patients because the injured body part needs to be rehabilitated. Luckily, there are centers like New Jersey-based Thrive Spine and Sports Rehab that use the newest technologies in sports recovery.

Still, it’s important to know which sports are the most injury-prone so athletes, especially the youth, and their parents, will recognize the risks that come with playing different sports. The following data are from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

5. Swimming

For people aged 25 years and older, swimming and other water sports caused 213,000 injuries from 2011 to 2014. Due to the repetitive arm motion needed in this sport, overuse is the most common injury that swimmers suffer from.

4. Gymnastics/Cheerleading

In 2011-2014, cheerleading and gymnastics-related injuries reached 474,000 in people aged 5 to 24 years. Gymnasts and cheerleaders suffer from sprain and lower back injury most of the time.

3. Basketball

Basketball was the reason for 607,000 injuries between 2011 and 2014 from people aged 15 years and older. Sprains and general trauma are the cited as the most common injuries that basketball players sustain.

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2. Football

Six hundred eighteen thousand cases of football injuries were recorded in 2011-2014 from people aged 5 to 24 years. Knee injuries, sprain, fracture, and head trauma are the most common injuries that football players experience.

1. General Exercise

Aerobics, weight training, running, and other general exercise caused 741,000 injuries for people aged 5 to 24 years old in 2011-2014. Additionally, 662,000 people aged 25 years and older suffered injuries through exercise, too. Although not technically a sport, exercise is a common cause of people straining or pulling a muscle.

Sports provides many benefits for a person’s well being. But, it’s important to remember that no sport is entirely free of the risk of injury. To prevent injury, athletes must be adequately trained before immersing themselves in their chosen sport.