4 Top Funeral Costs You Need To Prepare For

A tomb in grassy landIt’s the same with death as it is with taxes — both are inevitable. Yet, the vast majority of adults would rather not think of this special occasion. Of course, everyone wants their passing to be smooth on their loved ones. The best way to do so is to plan for funeral costs, which hit the family at a difficult time. Here are four expenses to get ready for early enough.

Funeral services

The average cost of a funeral service in is a few thousand dollars, depending on the funeral home or cremation center you choose in Clearfield. Of course, if you’re looking for a grandiose service, then the cost can go up significantly. Usually, the cost includes professional service fees and viewing costs.

Casket or urn

You can opt to pay for a package that includes such funeral merchandise as caskets and urns. But you can also choose to buy a casket or urn from elsewhere, so you need to plan for these costs too. A simple wooden coffin should cost a few hundred dollars, while one that’s made of bronze or gilded with gold will set you back millions.

Memorial lot

The cost of a memorial lot can vary significantly, with public cemeteries charging much less than other options. For a mausoleum-type lot, expect to pay a lot more than you’d have paid for an apartment-style niche. Whichever the case, this is a cost you need to plan for early enough if you expect a traditional burial unless you already have a lot to yourself.

Food and beverages

A funeral is a family affair, and you need to budget for refreshments. Of course, you can opt to provide snacks and juices, but if you prefer to hire a catering services provider, then the option is always there. Of course, the cost depends on the number of guests you expect and type of food you intend to serve.

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The costs and expenses involved in a funeral may be shocking for some people. But with enough planning, you can make things smoother for everyone involved.