4 Preparations Hosts Should Do before an Event

red carpet eventWhat do gala nights, conferences, and weddings have in common? For one, they have hosts who are in charge of keeping guests interested the whole time. Hosts are expected to be adept at engaging people, and segueing from one topic to the next. Holding a smooth conversation is just part of the process, though. Here are other preparations that you should do before a hosting stint. 

1. Keep Your Teeth Clean

Brushing your teeth regularly will not only keep bacteria away but also keep your teeth white and your breath fresh, notes Alta View Dental Care. Discolored teeth or bad breath is off-putting for a host, especially if you’re going to interact with audience members up-close.

2. Warm Up Your Voice

Vocal warm-ups are also another trick that hosts do to do their job successfully. Like singers or news anchors, hosts need their voice to stay functional because their job depends on their vocal condition. A host that has a weak or problematic voice wouldn’t get hired for future engagements.

3. Review Your Notes

Hosts also review the notes they have on their cards, which some carry with them during an event. These notes involve the names of guests, the sequence of performances, and other relevant information that the host needs to know so that he or she can properly phrase her words.

4. Meet with the Staff

It’s also important to meet with the events staff, such as those that operate the lights and sounds. This is because hosts might need to move to a certain spot at a certain time when a certain action is done. Cooperating with the staff behind the curtain would prevent badly timed or awkward acts. 

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Hosts are indispensable in social functions like weddings, conferences, and awards nights. Several preparations recommended for hosts include vocal warm-ups and reviewing notes. With these in place, hosts would succeed in keeping the audience entertained and interested.