3 Ways Older Job Seekers Can Ace their Interview

Job SeekersToday’s job market is competitive, even among more experienced job seekers.

According to a survey, over 50 percent of older workers aged 55 and above have plans to extend their career lives. However, the majority of the companies hire candidates that are still in their 20s – generation that career experts tagged as more innovative, competitive and success-driven. Thus, landing a new job after age 50 can be more difficult.

Experts, however, state that there are strategies that can help older candidates ace their interview. Here are some of them:

  1. Update Their Look

First impression does matter in job interviews. Thus, it is important that older job seekers update their look to match the image of a company. Older candidates should consider dying their hair, as grey hair is the most apparent sign of age. They should also consider upgrading their wardrobe, rejuvenating their face and whitening their teeth, as these are the things that interviewers notice first in a candidate. A visit to the mall, cosmetic clinic and dentist in Edinburgh is necessary before going to an interview.

  1. Embrace Innovation

Older workers are stereotyped as people resistant to technology. Experts say that bringing a smart phone or a tablet in an interview could break that stereotype. Furthermore, older candidates should emphasise any technological skill that they have in their conversation with the interviewer.

  1. Use Age as an Advantage

Since older candidates have years of experience in their belts, it is significant that they display their set of skills in the interview. For example, with age comes a strong work ethic, a wealth of knowledge, organisational abilities, resilience, and communication skills. Older applicants should also highlight their extensive contacts and networks, as the interviewer would most likely consider this as an asset to the company.

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There are still companies out there that look beyond a job applicant’s age and recognise their strengths. Thus, there are still opportunities for older people to land a job; they just have to ace their interviews.