3 Effective Ways to Exercise Your Brain

MRI image of head showing the brainThe brain is like any other muscle in your body — if you don't use it, you lose some of its abilities. This is truer once you start aging and pass the age of 60. At that age, you have a higher probability of losing your memory and you may even get Alzheimer's and other similar ailments, which may reduce your quality of life.

Experts on memory care assisted living in Las Vegas list the following ways you can exercise your brain even in old age:

Dedication to Learn Something New

Some seniors fall into the trap of sitting around and doing nothing. They let time pass monotonously in their golden years, which isn't ideal. This makes them more prone to memory loss and age-related ailments. 

Youth isn't just about age; it's about discovering and learning new things despite it. Learning a new language, whether it's French or Chinese, stimulates your brain to create new cells and makes it stronger and more active. This also allows you to find something to focus on and do in your senior years. Other than languages, you might want to consider taking classes or even a master's degree or finally get that bachelor's you were unable to get when you were younger.

Start a New Routine or Break an Old One

Starting a new routine stimulates your brain because it forces you to find a different way to do things or get anywhere. This makes your brain think and produce new cells. Doing so allows you to create "new memories." Some of the activities to help with this include:

  • Trying a new sport
  • Writing with your less dominant hand
  • Finding a different way to work or the supermarket
  • Volunteering at the local community center
  • Reaching out to an old friend you haven't communicated with for a while
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If you were unable to travel when you were younger, it's not too late to do so now. Visiting new places, cities and trying new activities revitalizes your life and gives you a new zest for discovery. When you travel and use maps, you stimulate your brain and exercise its parietal lobes.

These are only a handful of ways to improve your memory and exercise your brain. Do these to add life to your years and feel younger despite being in your golden years.